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The island of Sant’Antioco is situated off the south-western coast of Sardinia, and is the fourth-largest Italian island. Connected to the coastal hinterland by a narrow isthmus 5 km long, it extends across more than 100,000 m2 and its origins date back around 25 million years.

The town of Sant'Antioco has a long and complex history. In 750 B.C., the Phoenicians intensified their trading operations with the Nuragic peoples, going on to occupy the entire area and to found what would become a major colony, the site of one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean.
It was subsequently subject to the vicissitudes of a plethora of different civilisations – Punic, Roman and Spanish – each of which left its mark, rendering Sant'Antioco a place rich in history.
The island of Sant'Antioco and the adjacent San Pietro island offer a wealth of attractions. Sant'Antioco, for example, is known to have been the last place in the Mediterranean where bisso was worked. This natural marine silk was used, in antiquity, to make precious garments and drapery.
Rather than being weighed down by its wealth of ancient traditions, the town of Sant’Antioco is now a vibrant, multi-faceted conurbation – home to numerous bars and restaurants, and to tropical-coloured beaches that are rarely (if ever) overcrowded, as well as to museums and small fishing villages with a feel that manages to be both ancient and modern at the same time.

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